Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition

Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition

Nusa Dua, Bali

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WindDays South East Asia 
7 – 8 October 2019
A new market for Wind Energy

The need to tackle climate change is eminent and one of the most crucial challenges at this moment. Turning point so far was the Paris Agreement in COP21. Under the Agreement, the greenhouse gas emissions are to be reduced dramatically to almost zero by the end of this century. With this long-term goal in the Paris Agreement, it is important for us to accelerate strategic efforts and initiatives carbon emission reduction in energy demand and supply. It effects all people and all countries of the world. Everybody has to take his or her responsibility to tackle this issue.

The Paris Agreement will have its effect on Indonesia and the surrounding countries too. One of the more crucial specific challenges will be to develop itself from a fossil based economy into an economy based on renewable energy. South East Asia has abundant renewable sources such as solar PV and geothermal potential. Besides, the potential for wind energy is also massive and sometimes overlooked. The recently commissioned 70 MW wind farm Sidrap in South Sulawesi proves that is it possible. An important first step, and many projects to follow. A typical emerging market and therefore an interesting moment in time. In other parts of the world wind energy has been used for centuries. And in Europe Wind Energy is now one of the major drivers of the energy transition. Interesting to see what the continents can bring each other.

The Indonesian Wind Energy Association (IWEA) and its Dutch counterpart, the Netherlands Wind Energy Association (NWEA) are jointly hosting a specialised high level Conference and Exhibition named WindDays especially for the Southeast Asian market. The event will be organised by Pondera South East Asia.

Leading topics at the WindDays:

  • How can South East Asia profit from European wind energy experience?
  • First experiences of Wind Energy projects in Indonesia
  • What about the offshore wind potential?
  • Wind Energy Outlook Indonesia and surrounding countries
  • How to finance Wind Energy?
  • Large scale projects versus smaller hybrid (solar PV, wind, battery) projects
  • How to develop wind projects in Indonesia: all about permits?
  • Connection to the Indonesian Grid: requirements
  • How wind energy contributes to sustainable tourism?

For whom are the WindDays interesting:

  • Petrol Companies, Gas & Petrochemical
  • Developers and utility companies
  • Investment Banks & Financial Consulting Firms
  • Tourism & Entertainment Facilities & Hotels
  • Real Estate Developers & Residential Cities
  • Engineers, Consultants & Field-Experts
  • Universities & Educational Facilities
  • Any other who is involved in the energy market


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